The National Chamber Network of Women Entrepreneurs (EEDEGE) was founded in 2004 by Greece’s chambers of commerce and has steadfastly continued with its ongoing and multifaceted work: to support female entrepreneurship and promote women to positions of responsibility.

Members of EEDEGE hail from chambers of commerce, associations, and other bodies with shared aims. Each chamber is represented in EEDEGE by an elected business executive. EEDEGE is run by a nine-member Steering Committee and the General Assembly of the Chambers’ Representatives. 

Through multifaceted activities and comprehensive strategies, EEDEGE is at the forefront championing every initiative that provides equal opportunities for professional development; it creates training programmes so that working women can step up to the demands of the contemporary labour market, while at the same time, it supports innovative female teams taking their first entrepreneurial steps.

All the above contribute to achieving the primary objectives EEDEGE has set from the very first day of its operation, which are none other than the abolition of all gender professional stereotypes, achieving equal pay, boosting the participation of women in decision-making centres and reinforcing women’s entrepreneurship.


Board of Directors – EEDEGE

■ Sofia Kounenaki Efraimoglou – President
■ Kalliopi Tzika – First Vice-President
■ Eleni Tsiapara – Second Vice-President
■ Matoula Veloni – Third Vice-President
■ Polymnia Alexiadou – Fourth Vice President
■ Christina Fitea Psimara – General Secretary
■ Αnastasia Manola -Alternate General Secretary Α
■ Νiki Malafouri – Financial Supervisor
■ Aspasia Loupaki– Alternate Financial Supervisor