EEDEGE participates in Women in Digital congress

EEDEGE President Ms Sofia Kounenaki Efraimoglou spoke at the Women in Digital congress, which focused on the role and contribution of women in new technologies and in the new professional environment that is being created. In her speech, Ms. Kounenaki Efraimoglou underscored the urgent need to address inequalities, which requires dynamic measures, while she also highlighted the low representation rate women have in highly-skilled positions. “If we truly want to change this shortfall, we have to begin through education, and by giving young girls, but also women who are already in the workplace and in entrepreneurship, the appropriate incentives. In this effort, both EEDEGE with its initiatives centred on the digital upskilling and reskilling of women, and the Foundation of the Hellenic World - with its targeted student innovation initiatives - are decisively contributing το the immediate reduction in inequalities in the digital sector,” she stressed.